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David Allan Peters | Borusan Contemporary

Image courtesy of Borusan Cotemporary Art Collection. Photographed by Hadiye Cangökçe.

Borusan Contemporary Art Collection Hybrid Spaces, together with the works specially produced for Perili Köşk, magnifies the museum space, which does not exist from the perspective of architecture and has a multi-layered character as it is constantly changing. Borusan Contemporary, which opened its doors to the audience in 2011 with the concept of “art center within the office”, continues to offer extraordinary visual experiences appealing to different senses at Perili Köşk* with the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection and exhibitions, which focus on the new media field. Especially during the pandemic, "What could be new areas for art?" In a sense, the question brings up the digital accessibility of art institutions with their functions and concepts.

In today's world, where it is not possible to classify creative thoughts within a certain framework, architecture brings up various questions by opening up concepts that are not yet in the dictionary of contemporary art, with social, political and ecological stances that go beyond spatial design. What do we understand by the democratization of the space, the multi-focused transformation instead of multi-purpose use? Does the classic museum phenomenon need a new audience as it sheds its skin? From the perspective of creative architecture, it is impossible not to notice the convergence between architecture and contemporary art within the framework of all these questions.

As we move towards a period where new and previous requirements are exceeded, we witness that architects develop a different interpretation and action plan. Borusan Contemporary's new collection exhibition brings together the creators who often move along this fragile fault line without a protective net. By placing Perili Köşk at the center of the dialogue between contemporary art and contemporary architecture, Hybrid Spaces explores the warm and yet exciting convergences.

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