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David Allan Peters' Carved Paintings Are Too Gratifying Not to Touch | Artspace

1. To truly understand the work of David Allan Peters, you have to know the process behind it. After layering countless sheathes of paint, the artist carves the surface, removing small chunks and lines that when viewed from far away, reveal an intricate geometric pattern. Watch the video to see him in action!



2. Sometimes Peters will spend 15 years on a single painting, carving away layers and building them back up again until he’s achieved the result he’s looking for. These works are truly labors of love that you just can’t help but want to trace your fingers over.

3. Click on one of Peters' artworks to visit the product page. Then click the image and zoom into it by clicking the “+” on the righthand side of the screen to get a better glimpse at the impeccable detail of Peters’ rich surfaces. What could be more gratifying!

4. Peters has shown his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Laguna Art Museum, Royale Projects in Toronto, Palm Desert, and Los Angeles, and Miles McEnery Gallery in New York.

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