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Erin Lawlor | Green Family Art Foundation

The Cabin LA Presents: A Curated Flashback, 2023, Dallas: Green Family Art Foundation.
Artwork: [L] Erin Lawlor, Majestic Mickey, 2016, [R]: © Tschabalala Self, Red Room, 2022.
Photo: Evan Sheldon.

The Cabin LA Presents: A Curated Flashback
Green Family Art Foundation
11 February - 21 May 2023

The Cabin LA’s residency program was formed in 2015 when Danny First constructed a 180-square foot edifice in the backyard of his Hancock Park, LA home to share art with friends, fellow art lovers, and artists. First named this dedicated structure The Cabin. Shortly thereafter, First combined the shows he held at The Cabin with his practice of inviting emerging artists to his nearby art studio to create one of the most extraordinary artist residency programs in the Western US. Since 2015, The Cabin LA (La Brea Studio) Residency has provided a space for artistic practice, experimentation, and growth for 72 artists who First felt had unique, although sometimes latent, talents. Many of the artists who have participated in The Cabin LA (La Brea Studio) Residency have since been “discovered” and are experiencing great success in their careers. This curated group exhibition presents paintings by 42 graduates from 2015 through the present.

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