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Erin Lawlor | SOUND & VISION

ignatz, 2019, Oil on canvas, 12 x 10 inches

Erin Lawlor is a painter who grew up outside of London, England. She moved to France after high school and studied Art History and received her Bachelors of Art History from Paris-Sorbonne University. After spending several years there she moved back to London and is making her work there.

She has a current solo exhibition at Miles McEnery Gallery, New York and recent solo shows include, Espacio Valverde in Madrid; Fox/Jensen Gallery in Sydney; Fifi Projects in San Pedro; “Erin Lawlor, onomatopoeia,” at the Mark Rothko Center, the La Brea Studio Residency in Los Angeles; Rod Barton in Brussels; just to name a recent few.

Recent group exhibitions include “Wet Wet Wet” at Fox/Jensen/McCrory Gallery, in Auckland, New Zealand; Space K in Seoul, South Korea; Galerie Pauline Pavec in Paris; Rod Barton in London, “Bête Noire/Candyman,” at The Neutra Museum in Los Angeles and many, many more.

While in town for her opening at Miles McEnery Gallery, Erin stopped by for a chat about beating Brexit, process in painting, writing vs. painting, seeing David Bowie live and a family connection to him and much more.

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