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Guy Yanai | Purple Fashion Magazine

New York, NY: Miles McEnery Gallery, ‘Guy Yanai: The Things of Life,’ 21 October - 27 November 2021

Israeli Artist Guy Yanai’s latest works are based on the 1970 French new wave film, “Les Choses de la Vie” by Claude Sautet. Yanai’s paintings reimagine the romance, cinematography and framing of shots of the period. Produced in the artist’s quaint Marseille studio, these works emulate a quiet, dream-like quality that echoes in a color palette of splendid surroundings. The exhibition speaks to moments of heartbreak and tragedy, as well as moments of rich intimacy. A place, a moment, a feeling; Yanai’s paintings prompt the viewer to behold, meditate, and relish in shared human experiences.

On view now until 27 November 2021 at Miles McEnery Gallery

525 West 22nd Street, New York

Photos by Paige Silveria

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