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James Siena | The New Yorker

Installation view James Siena, 25 March - 30 April 2011, New York, Pace Gallery. Courtesy Pace Gallery.

Inventive drawings and paintings—accretive, masterful little grids and mazes—make for an upriver safari in an unpredictable mind. Siena is our Paul Klee, taking a line not on a walk but on adrenalin-drenched runs. The pictures range from crackling geometric abstractions and process-dictated designs to varieties of perfervid noodling and spasms of sex-obsessed grotesquerie. Siena’s line is as implacable as an animal’s hunger and as allergic to boredom as a sugared-up child. Let the show wear you out. Leave. Come back for more. Through April 30.

— The New Yorker

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