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Judy Pfaff | The Jewish Museum

Judy Pfaff, Quartet 5, 2018. Digital image on MDF, wire, aluminum discs, acrylic, melted plastic, paper lantern, framed works (oil stick and encaustic on vintage Indian ledger paper). 125 x 155 in.
The Jewish Museum, NY. Gift of The Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation.

After "The Wild": Contemporary Art from The Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation Collection

The Jewish Museum
24 March - 1 October 2023

After “The Wild”: Contemporary Art from The Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation Collection highlights works by 47 intergenerational and internationally-based artists made between 1963 – 2023.

Barnett Newman (1905-1970) is among the most influential artists associated with Abstract Expressionism. Largely overlooked by critics, curators, and collectors until his later years, he was nonetheless a stalwart and generous supporter of his colleagues, befriending and mentoring countless younger artists. To them, Newman appeared not as an old master but as a true peer—curious, engaged, and as eager to delve into the nuances of technique as to art’s philosophical underpinnings. After his death, Annalee Newman, his widow, created The Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation to help further the spirit of great art that Barnett Newman so clearly exhibited, by giving grants. Diverse in style, training, background, and age, The Foundation’s grantees—whose works comprise this exhibition—share Newman’s seriousness of purpose, as well as his unflagging drive to explore the outer limits of his own ideas.

The  works featured in this exhibition are part of a larger gift to the Jewish Museum in 2018 comprising artworks made by the recipients of The Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation Award:

Larry Bell, American, b. 1939; Amnon Ben-Ami, Israeli, b. 1955; Lynda Benglis, American, b. 1941; Natvar Prahladji Bhavsar, American, b. India 1934; Mark Bradford, American, b. 1961; Richard Van Buren, American, b. 1937; Luca Buvoli, Italian, b. 1963; Tony Cragg, British, b. 1949; Ronald Wendel Davis, American, b. 1937; Richard Deacon, British, b. Wales, 1949; Melvin Edwards, American, b. 1937; Rafael Ferrer, Puerto Rican, b. 1933; Mark Gibian, American, b. 1954; Sam Gilliam, American, 1933-2022; Cai Guo-Qiang, Chinese, b. 1957; Peter Halley, American, b. 1953; Tim Hawkinson, American, b. 1960; Michael Heizer, American, b. 1944; Eva Hild, Swedish, b. 1966; Rebecca Horn, German, b. 1944; Bryan Hunt, American, b. 1947; Richard Howard Hunt, American, b. 1935; Theo Jansen, Dutch, b. 1948; Joan Jonas, American, b. 1936; Mel Kendrick, American, b. 1949; Anne Lilly, American, b. 1966; Andrew Lyght, American, b. Guyana, 1949; Kerry James Marshall, American, b. 1955; Julie Mehretu, American, b. Ethiopia, 1970; Robert Murray, Canadian and American, b. 1936; Serge Alain Nitegeka, South African, b. Burundi, 1983; David Novros, American, b. 1941; Frank Owen, American, b. 1939; Gary Petersen, American, b. 1956; Judy Pfaff, American, b. England, 1946; Larry Poons, American, b. Japan, 1937; Nuno Ramos, Brazilian, b. 1960; Nancy Rubins, American, b. 1952; Richard Serra, American, b. 1939; Richard Smith, British, 1931-2016; Keith Sonnier, American, 1941-2020; Sarah Sze, American, b. 1969; Philip Taaffe, American, b. 1955; Fred Tomaselli, American, b. 1956; Elizabeth Turk, American, b. 1961; Terry Winters, American, b. 1949; Jack Youngerman, American, 1926-2020; Alexander Yulikov, Russian, b. 1943 (Yuulikov's work is not available for this exhibition)

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