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Judy Pfaff

JUDY PFAFF | Bruno David Gallery from Dickson Beall on Vimeo.

Bruno David Gallery is pleased to present Judy Pfaff‘s first solo exhibition in St. Louis since her exhibition Currents 41 at the Saint Louis Art Museum in 1989. Although internationally renowned as one of the pioneers of installation art, the exhibition at Bruno David Gallery, Recent Work exhibits her adroitness in creating smaller works of art. Melding several kinds of media and methods of art-making together, Pfaff redefines the capacities of what art can be. A fully illustrated catalogue with essays by Buzz Spector and Kara Gordon accompanies the exhibit. Balancing intense planning with improvisational decision-making, Pfaff is known for creating exuberant, sprawling sculptures and installations that weave landscape, architecture, and color into a tense yet organic whole. A pioneer of installation art in the 1970s, Pfaff synthesizes sculpture, painting, and architecture into dynamic environments in which space seems to expand and collapse, fluctuating between the two- and three-dimensional. Pfaff’s work is a complex ordering of visual information composed of steel, fiberglass, and plaster as well as salvaged signage and natural elements such as tree roots. click here :

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