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Kevin Appel

Painting Two: The thick of it

Kevin Appel, Basil Beattie, Alexis Harding, Noel Ivanoff, Jeena Shin, Rohan Wealleans.

Two Rooms presents an exhibition celebrating the power of a material once basic to the artist: paint. At times neglected in an era of video, installation and conceptual art, paint has not gone away. All the artists in this group have a strong engagement both with its physical properties and its transformative potential.

While surface is important, these artists engage in activities beyond mere application. Paint is poured, cast, carved, layered, pushed and squeezed. The inherent sculptural quality of the material blurs the distinction between two and three dimensions. Surface becomes mass. Mass subsides to surface. Ranging from minimalism to image-making, the works in this show push paint to new limits and they demonstrate its seductive and ever-changing expressive power.

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