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Liat Yossifor: 80 Days: A Declaration of Customs

A hypothetical touring exhibition of one-night-only presentations – each in a different country, 12 in all, over 80 days - that will showcase the original LA based artists selected and adding a new artist from each location worldwide where the exhibition was to be presented. The original project was cancelled due to logistical funding issues and this show is a response to the financial difficulties affecting artists and their ability to exhibit abroad in economically challenged times.

Jonathan Apgar, Alexander de Cadinet, Daniela Campins, Emily Counts, Walpa D'Mark, Mark Dutcher, Roni Feldman, Luis Hernandez, Dimitri Kozyrev, Annie Lapin, John Millei, Ruby Osorio, Claudia Parducci, Francesco Patriarca, Antonio A. Puleo, Alison Rash, Ali Smith, Grant Vetter, Cindy Wright, Akihiro Yasugi, Liat Yossifor