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Nuno de Campos at the Museum of Goa, India

Nuno de Campos to exhibit drawings at the Museum of Goa, India, 12 February - 2 May 2016.

Morphology of Archive, an international exhibition featuring the work of thirty three artists curated by Sabitha TP and Lina Vincent, is conceptualised around connected migrant histories of Goa. Goa’s position as a significant port of trade and travel creates a unique cosmopolitan archive from which the various agents of history emerge. Goa has been an active site of trade and conquest from the 350 years of medieval Kadamba rule to the more recent 450 years under the Portuguese, profoundly shaping its architecture, music, cuisine, customs, and morphing identities. It is this deep cosmopolitanism in the internal and external landscape of Goa that this exhibition reflects. Morphology of Archive is a multimedia artistic engagement with the archive of transoceanic associations with Goa, its memories of other places, other peoples, other visual and tactile cultures that have all gone into the making of its diverse identity.

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