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Sound & Color | Juxtapoz

Justin Liam O'Brien, I Didn't Ask For A Free Ride, 2020, Oil on canvas, 36 1/8 x 36 inches, 91.8 x 91.4 cm

Miles McEnery Gallery is currently having a group exhibition Sound & Color on view at their 511 West 22nd Street location, and we just couldn't resist its stellar lineup. Curated by Brian Alfred, the host of the renowned Sound & Vision podcast, the exhibition muses with the inseparable connection between the music visual art.

"I have often said that music is an incredible parallel axis to artmaking in describing and understanding the creative process," Alfred explains the interconnectivity between the two genres that he tried to showcase with this presentation, "They both have their idiosyncrasies, but they share much in the process." Whether working with images that relate to music or having certain songs, lyrics, or melody as a key element in the conceptual underpinnings of the work, a lot of creatives get their inspiration through audio stimulus. Continuing onto the long tradition of music being seen or heard as an artist’s muse, this particular body of work covers the whole range of potential relationships between the visuals and sounds. —Sasha Bogojev

And with so many names that have been featured in our magazine in the past, it is hard to select the stand-out examples so we hope you'll also enjoy these new works by Scott Avett, Allan Bennetts, Erik Den Breejen, Danny Ferrell, Dominique Fung, Karel Funk, Rico Gatson, Jenna Gribbon, Justin Liam O'Brien, Danielle Orchard, Richard Phillips, Hiba Schahbaz, Devan Shimoyama, and Guy Yanai. 

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