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Suzanne Caporael at Cross Contemporary Art

Opening reception: Saturday 29 July, 5-8pm

The paintings in this exhibition, SITE/SIGHT, are rooted in direct observation and are influenced by each artist’s perceptual practice and long-cultivated process of close study. Falling along a continuum between abstraction and representation they evoke a strong sense of place in the everyday world. Although we may not recognize the specific motif inferred (landscape, night sky, city, etc.) the authority of perception is tangible.

Sites, subjects, and methods of observation are critical to each artist’s visual language: planted fields, elevations seen from an airplane window, gradations of color in a sky reflected on a watery plane, shapes glanced at through apertures between buildings, or the puzzle of shapes in a tapestry-like world are some of the inspirations for the paintings shown here. Often the focus is upon a fragment of a larger subject or on an aspect removed from its larger context, adding an interesting ambiguity to the work.

Suzanne Caporael, Martha Diamond, Sharon Horvath, Jacqueline Gourevitch, Ellen Kozak, and Joyce Robins are painters in whose work abstraction conveys the resonance of close observation and place.

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