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Warren Isensee | Artnet

Warren Isensee, Something or Other, 2022. Oil on canvas. 40 x 40 inches. 

Warren Isensee at Miles McEnery Gallery, New York

Initially studying architecture at the University of Oklahoma before shifting focus to major in painting and graphic design, Warren Isensee (b. 1956) is best known for his meticulously plotted abstract paintings. Though at first glance his work has similarities with traditional hard-edge abstraction, in fact the artist forgoes the use of tape or other borders, so that the subtle irregularities in his line convey his hand lend a sense of the personal. Miles McEnery Gallery in New York is currently presenting a solo show of Isensee’s latest work, which is on view through March 11, 2023. With signature compositions that are at once organic yet highly technical, the bold and colorful canvases convey what Isensee has deemed “classic modernist ideas with a spiritual twist.”

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