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Veduta (Bonnard Summer), 2021, Ink and oil on linen on hybrid panel, 79 1/2 x 100 inches, 201.9 x 254 cm

Whitney Bedford

B. 1976, Baltimore. Lives and works in Los Angeles.

The L.A.-based artist Whitney Bedford has loved Bonnard since she was a student. For her “Veduta” painting series, in which Bedford subverts the historical tradition of landscape painting to critique the current destruction of the natural world, she found herself circling back to Bonnard for several reasons: His use of color and pattern, and his “appreciation of the immediacy of the moment,” she told Artsy via email. Bedford sees Bonnard’s work, with its dots and dashes, as a precursor to our digital image culture in the way it encodes the environment around him.

Veduta (Bonnard The Large Garden) (2023), in which acid-hued trees hover over a landscape in a style strongly reminiscent of Bonnard, reveals Bedford’s love of the natural environment, tinged with an awareness of its ongoing destruction.

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